Bad Things That Bruxism Beckons When Untreated

There’s treated bruxism disorder, which includes a patient who deals with grinding and clenching but who is wearing an oral appliance that addresses the issue! As a result, teeth are cushioned, jaw joints are protected, and a whole slew of other potential issues are avoided. “What types of issues?” you might be asking our Conroe, TX team, as you start considering the fact that you have untreated bruxism that you should probably get a bit more serious about! Let’s take you on a quick tour of the “bad stuff” so you can gather up that motivation to see us soon, so your smile remains safe.

Receding Gums

It may come as quite a shock to you that bruxism disorder can affect your gums. However, it’s absolutely a common side effect of untreated clenching! Remember that your teeth sit within gum tissue. The more frequently they undergo the force of enormous pressure, the more likely they are to become aggravated. As this occurs, gums may pull back, leading to damage and recession that subsequently leave your teeth more susceptible to damage and sensitivity. See us for bruxism treatment soon to avoid this concern!

Damaged Teeth

It’s not shocking, of course, but often something that you need to be reminded of: Your teeth are strong but your jaws are even more powerful. As a result, when you’re exerting all of that pressure (from clenching associated with bruxism disorder) and friction (from grinding), it can really take a toll on your teeth. You may end up with worn down teeth, fractured and fissured teeth, and even broken and chipped teeth! Unfortunately, this does not bode well for the beauty of your smile or for your oral health. Treatment can prevent this damage!

Continuing Oral Health Problems

So, what happens after damage occurs, you wonder, and you still haven’t treated your bruxism? Well, it will be time to treat your dental damage. Over time, keep in mind that in addition to physical damage, you will also deal with the symptoms that comes with that injury, such as serious sensitivity, difficulty eating, and even a heightened chance of bacteria-related issues like infection and decay.

TMJ Disorder

We remind you that the constant motion associated with bruxism disorder can also exhaust TMJs (your jaw joints), which may lead to TMJ disorder! Treat your bruxism and you can keep jaw joints much safer.

Treat Bruxism To Avoid Serious Side Effects

Take bruxism seriously, when you learn it’s affecting you, as you remember that all it takes is following through with comfortable, noninvasive care from our team! Protect your smile by acting with urgency. Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.