Bridge Benefits: All Good News

sidesmilewhiteIf you are missing a tooth, you may be doing everything you can to hide your smile. For some patients this means covering their smile with their hand. For others, this simply means avoiding social interactions that were once enjoyable. What’s worse about tooth loss is that it can interfere with daily activities you never thought twice about, such as enjoying a meal. The good news is that we offer dental bridges to replace up to three teeth in a row. If you think you may make a good candidate for a bridge, look over the following advantages of this prosthetic to find out if it may help you achieve your goals:

That Bridge Isn’t Going Anywhere

We cement your dental bridge in place, which is not something we do with all dental prosthetics. A bridge is considered “fixed” because it stays in place on a daily basis, allowing you to eat, care for your smile, and speak without thinking about taking your replacement teeth in and out of your mouth. For the most part, you can simply return to your usual daily life.

Comfort Is On the Horizon

Feeling embarrassed by the way your smile looks? Wishing you could find a way to indulge in all of the foods you used to enjoy? A dental bridge can quickly and efficiently improve these concerns. You will simply need to visit us for impressions and for a visit that will allow us to match the color of your bridge’s artificial teeth to your natural smile. Before you know it, you’ll have a complete smile once again.

Budget-Friendly Bridge

This solution is more friendly on the wallet than other solutions. If you are looking for something that fits your budget, a bridge may work for your needs.

They Look Natural

A bridge is made of porcelain crowns and pontics (artificial teeth that fill the open space in your smile). You can rest assured that your smile will look natural and complete because we use lifelike materials that mimic the appearance of natural teeth.


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