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Reasons To Choose A Dental Bridge

If you have lost a tooth, or even a few in a row, due to an accident or as a result of decay, you may be curious about your options. At the Dental Centre of Conroe, we want you to love your smile, and for it to be as healthy as possible. So, we offer… Read more »

Quiz: Dental Bridge Support

When you’re thinking about how to approach your tooth loss, it’s something that will come with a lot of decision making on your part. Let’s say, for instance, that you would like a dental bridge for your smile completion. Did you know that there’s more than one way to support a bridge? To ensure you’ve… Read more »

Common Questions About Dental Bridges

There’s a lot of information to wade through when you’re investigating teeth replacement choices. As you approach the details of dental bridges, you will probably find that many of your questions are similar to the things you ask about all prosthetics. You want to know if your investment is going to be worth it, if… Read more »

2 Reasons To Skip The Dental Bridge

As you’re making your way through your opportunities for rebuilding your smile after tooth loss, you will come across the usual variety of available treatments. What makes your decision unique when compared with other patients dealing with missing teeth is the fact that your needs are yours and yours alone. For instance, while a dental… Read more »

Ready For A Bridge?

Are you thinking that you are finally ready for a dental bridge to replace the teeth you have lost? Fortunately, bridges offer a wealth of advantages to patients seeking a way to address tooth loss. However, it is important that you become familiar with whether or not a bridge is suited to the particular preferences… Read more »

Q&A: Bridge Planning And Placement

Making the decision to replace your missing teeth is a very good choice. Leaving open spaces in your smile can lead to serious consequences, such as misalignment and problems with dental hygiene. As you know, these spaces may also take a toll on your self-esteem. If you have been considering dental bridges to complete your… Read more »

3 Reasons To Replace Missing Teeth

For the most part, we find that patients initially become focused and overwhelmed by the esthetic aspect of their tooth loss. From a single tooth to a full arch of teeth, the emotional effects of having open spaces in your smile can become quite burdensome. While your confidence and ability to feel good about your… Read more »

Dental Bridges: True-or-False Quiz

Are you dealing with the aftermath of tooth loss? Have you lost one tooth or up to three teeth that previously sat side-by-side? If so, you may make a wonderful candidate for dental bridges. Not quite sure if you’re ready to make a final decision because you still have some questions about bridges? No problem…. Read more »

Bridge Benefits: All Good News

If you are missing a tooth, you may be doing everything you can to hide your smile. For some patients this means covering their smile with their hand. For others, this simply means avoiding social interactions that were once enjoyable. What’s worse about tooth loss is that it can interfere with daily activities you never… Read more »

Dental Bridges: Bridging the Gap In Your Smile

We often find that patients missing one or only a few teeth feel like they should be able to be tough and just deal with the problem. This is sometimes the result of worrying about finding a cost-effective solution, sometimes because patients simply are not aware that they have many options, and often because some… Read more »