Bruxism: Basics, Blunders, And Bettering Your Smile

Have you heard of bruxism disorder? Are you starting to have a sneaking suspicion that this is the issue that might be playing a role in your life and your current not-so-fantastic oral health? If so, our Conroe, TX team thinks you could probably use a quick review of what bruxism really is, why it can be so hard to unveil on your own, things you should really be mindful of along the way, and how to regain your previously healthy, comfortable smile! Remember, we are here for you when you need dental care, so come in soon!

A Quick Review Of The Issue

You’ve have heard of bruxism disorder and have an idea of what it is. You know it has something to do with what’s causing you to have these weird new sensations or to see changes in your smile. So, what is it, exactly? Let’s run through the particulars:

  • Bruxism is the functional disorder that impacts your smile through the involuntary motions of your muscles. They lead to chronic grinding or chronic clenching. You may not know you’re doing this. You may do it while you’re sleeping.
  • This problem will lead to damage over time, which can include the development or worsening of TMJ disorder, damaged teeth, sore teeth, pain in your face and surrounding areas, and a scalloped tongue border!

Reminder: Bruxism Is Often A Hard-To-Spot Issue

We remind you that, as you might imagine, figuring out that you have bruxism disorder by simply monitoring your own smile at home can be confusing. You might get lucky enough for someone to point out your grinding or clenching. Or, it may go wholly unnoticed. Keep in mind that as long as you’re following through on dental checkups twice a year, you’ll be in perfectly fine shape! We will notice the shift and can suggest bruxism treatment right away.

Blunders That Are Easy To Make

There are some blunders that are easy to make in terms of bruxism disorder, once you realize that it’s impacting you. Not to worry: We can warn you about them in advance. While we can speak with you at length during a visit if we determine that you require treatment, for now, consider some important factors:

  • If you need treatment, don’t forget that the way to make it benefit you is to use it every single day
  • Remember to bring your bruxism treatment with you when you travel!
  • Ease up on things that stimulate muscle movement, such as if you drink excessive amounts of caffeine or you drink it too late in the day
  • Look for ways to manage your stress

See Us For Bruxism Help

Protect your smile and your long-term oral health when you remember that bruxism is a serious issue! Call us the second you think you may require a dental examination and bruxism treatment, so we may start ASAP! Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.