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How Much Damage Does Bruxism Cause?

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It goes without saying that your smile serves many important purposes throughout the course of your life. From performing routine tasks such as biting, chewing, and eating to communicating your overall confidence and happiness in life, we as a society tend to place a heavy emphasis on our smile’s importance. While you may be making… Read more »

Is Bruxism Harming Your Smile?

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Your oral health is heavily influenced by a great number of factors, and unfortunately, it does not have many natural defenses in line to ensure its protection. As a result, it is only appropriate that we take strides to practice regular dental prevention. This can include brushing your teeth regularly to fend off plaque or… Read more »

What To Know About Untreated Teeth Grinding

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Visiting our office at least once every six months for your routine checkup is an essential and necessary step for maintaining a healthy smile. Indeed, your grin is constantly facing threats from oral bacteria, germs, and more, and unfortunately, your natural defenses are few and far between. Though you may be familiar with the effects… Read more »

Suffering From TMJ Disorder?

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You have become familiar with the need for consistent oral health practices, and how dental prevention is the name of the game when it comes to keeping your grin healthy and strong. Even still, problems such as dental anxiety, transportation issues, and your financial situation can serve as unexpected obstacles in obtaining this important care…. Read more »

Major Implications of Chronic Teeth Grinding

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Helping you feel at ease during your dental checkup and cleaning – or any in-office visit, for that matter – is a top priority our team has. Indeed, we not only care about your oral health overall, but your wellbeing, too! This means taking the extra steps to ensure an understanding of your treatment/visit, a… Read more »

Do You Grind Your Teeth At Night?

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Although dental prevention is the foundation of a healthy smile, it is important to note that we would be nowhere without the help of restorative treatment. Indeed, prevention is designed to keep your structures healthy and strong, but sometimes oral bacteria and other concerns may have another plan in mind. As such, restorations help mitigate… Read more »

Seeking Treatment For Chronic Teeth Grinding

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Common oral health concerns such as tooth decay and gum disease are often on our radar, as these are the most common oral health threats out there. Indeed, nothing is worse than taking care of your smile and developing a cavity, but the truth is, there are significantly more potential threats to be worried about… Read more »

Don’t Let Bruxism Harm Your Smile

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It goes without saying that taking care of your smile is considered to be a lifelong process, as the barrage of threats that influence your oral health does not cease at a specific point. Indeed, there are what seem to be endless sources of harm that your smile must constantly be on the defensive from,… Read more »

What Grinding Your Teeth Really Does To Your Smile

Typically, the biggest threats to your smile – tooth decay, infection, and more – are often caused by harmful oral bacteria that have not been properly managed and can result in tooth loss. For a number of other people, however, the more concerning of situations involves what occurs when they unconsciously grind their teeth, often… Read more »

Your Headache May Be Coming from Your Jaw

Chronic, unexplained pain can be incredibly frustrating and demoralizing. Not being able to determine the source of your pain can have a maddening effect, and it may lead to you just learning to live with the pain. Sometimes, the source of your pain isn’t even the place where you’re experiencing pain. If you wake up… Read more »