Your Headache May Be Coming from Your Jaw

Chronic, unexplained pain can be incredibly frustrating and demoralizing. Not being able to determine the source of your pain can have a maddening effect, and it may lead to you just learning to live with the pain. Sometimes, the source of your pain isn’t even the place where you’re experiencing pain. If you wake up in the mornings with a headache, you may attribute the discomfort to migraines, your sinuses, or allergies. In truth, this headache may be coming from your jaw. Conditions like bruxism and TMJ disorders can cause you to experience pain in other areas.

Bruxism Is a Subconscious Teeth Grinding

Bruxism describes teeth clenching or grinding. You have probably felt yourself grind your teeth before. It’s a natural reaction to stress and discomfort. Reactionary teeth grinding isn’t a major problem on its own. However, subconscious teeth grinding while you sleep, is. Bruxism affects you while you’re asleep, getting much needed rest. A clenched jaw throughout the night can create tension that leads to headaches. It can also cause the premature wear of your teeth. Worst of all, the condition affects you as you sleep, so it’s incredibly difficult to self diagnose.

TMJ Disorders Involve Your Jaw’s Joints

TMJ disorders describe a series of disorders that affect the joints connecting your jaw to the rest of your cranium. These joints can become inflamed, which, over time, cause discomfort locally and in other parts of your head. If you’re experiencing daily headaches, and your jaw joints feel fatigued or sore, the two may be related. If that pain extends to your ear, or you can even hear a clicking noise as you bite, TMJ disorders may be the culprit. This condition can actually be treated by your dentist.

These Conditions Are Treatable, So You Can Manage Your Pain

Both bruxism and TMJ disorders are treatable by your dentist, so you can move on from experiencing daily pain. The treatment is often as simple as using a custom oral appliance to protect your teeth and align your jaw. The oral appliance is fabricated based on the specifications of your specific mouth, so it will feel comfortable to wear. By putting in the oral appliance each night, you can prevent the harmful, disruptive effects of bruxism and TMJ disorders.

Learn More About Bruxism and TMJ Treatment at The Dental Centre of Conroe

It’s time to get to the bottom of your unexplained headaches. At The Dental Centre of Conroe, we can evaluate you for bruxism and TMJ disorders. Our team will look for telltale signs that the conditions are present. If they are, we can create a custom oral appliance to relieve your pain. Learn more when you schedule an appointment at The Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX by calling 936-441-4600.