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Bruxism: Basics, Blunders, And Bettering Your Smile

Have you heard of bruxism disorder? Are you starting to have a sneaking suspicion that this is the issue that might be playing a role in your life and your current not-so-fantastic oral health? If so, our Conroe, TX team thinks you could probably use a quick review of what bruxism really is, why it… Read more »

Who Is Protecting Your Smile?

You may think to yourself that if you don’t try to keep your smile healthy, nobody else is going to do it for you! This is, of course, accurate. However, our Conroe, TX team reminds you that you may have your perspective slightly askew when it comes to the details, which can cause you to… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: Things To Watch For

So, you have a sneaking suspicion that it’s sleep apnea that’s been calling the shots in your life lately, causing you to feel and act much different than usual. However, you aren’t sure that this is definitely the culprit behind your sleepiness and more. While the only way you’ll really know if it’s time for… Read more »

Strange Symptoms: Causes, Meaning, And Now What?

You can experience any of a variety of symptoms in your smile. Why is that? Well, because things can go wrong, because you can end up with irritation, and because your brain may interpret what you’re feeling in many different ways! Whether you have a cavity or you simply abraded your gum tissue (or anything… Read more »

Smile Issues That Aren’t Always “Normal”

There are some smile related issues that you may think of as normal. You may mention a change or new sensation to a friend or loved one, who will say, “Oh that happens to me, too!” In some cases, of course, there are things that many individuals share, such as teeth that respond with a… Read more »