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Sleep Apnea: Things To Watch For

So, you have a sneaking suspicion that it’s sleep apnea that’s been calling the shots in your life lately, causing you to feel and act much different than usual. However, you aren’t sure that this is definitely the culprit behind your sleepiness and more. While the only way you’ll really know if it’s time for… Read more »

Strange Symptoms: Causes, Meaning, And Now What?

You can experience any of a variety of symptoms in your smile. Why is that? Well, because things can go wrong, because you can end up with irritation, and because your brain may interpret what you’re feeling in many different ways! Whether you have a cavity or you simply abraded your gum tissue (or anything… Read more »

Smile Issues That Aren’t Always “Normal”

There are some smile related issues that you may think of as normal. You may mention a change or new sensation to a friend or loved one, who will say, “Oh that happens to me, too!” In some cases, of course, there are things that many individuals share, such as teeth that respond with a… Read more »

Easy Ways To Relax Before Visits

Even though you know coming in for a dental visit with our Conroe, TX team is always an easy experience, do you still find that you tend to feel a little bit nervous as you’re getting ready for your appointment and heading in to our practice? Don’t worry! You’re not alone. Anticipation can do this… Read more »

What’s That Protrusion And What Can I Do?

When you notice any type of protrusion in your smile, it can be somewhat alarming. Sometimes, it may be something that’s always been there but that you don’t notice until you realize a friend of family member doesn’t have the same structure in his or her mouth. Or, you may recognize a change in your… Read more »

The Things Your Smile Really Needs (And Doesn’t)

There are most certainly some things that your smile needs. As you know, within the world of dental care, the goal is always to do what you can to encourage a healthy smile. Without smile health, you have illness, which leads to all sorts of damage, discomfort, and more. Then, beyond those needs are your… Read more »

Your Pain: Pay Attention To It (And Call Us)

We know that when you experience dental pain, you can feel a little on edge because part of you doesn’t want to know if something is wrong (because that then means you will need to come in for additional dental care, you’ll have to change your schedule around, etc.). We understand all of those counterproductive… Read more »