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Dental Work Quiz: True Or False?

Do you have dental work in your smile? This refers to anything that’s there that isn’t your natural tissue. For instance, you may have a dental filling, a crown, a bridge, veneers, and the list goes on! If so, you may have moments in which you assume the work is immune to problems because it’s… Read more »

Dental Cleanings: Happy To Help You Feel Good About Them!

If you have the choice between feeling confident and optimistic about dental cleanings or feeling uncertain and negative about them, which would you choose? Of course, patients prefer to feel good about the care they provide for themselves. However, if you don’t know enough about your dental care to get you to that point of… Read more »

Dental Care: 3 Winter Mishaps To Avoid

Wintertime is a very fun and cozy time. Then again, it’s also a time when your schedule may become just a little bit erratic, and when you decide to take some trips to visit relatives and to celebrate holidays with some serious quality time. You may even catch a cold (but we certainly hope not)…. Read more »

Tips: Getting Ready For Your Dental Visit

Getting ready for your dental checkup might not be something that immediately occurs to you. However, the hours leading up to your appointment may suddenly leave you with some uncertainty. Should you wear something in particular? Do we expect anything from you? Fortunately, the main thing you need to think about is simply showing up, so… Read more »

2 Important Details About: Cleanings!

We love reminding you to come in for your dental cleaning and your checkup because as dental professionals, we know just how beneficial this decision can be for you. We also know that as a patient who is not a dental professional, it can become very easy to overlook the significance of cleanings, to wait… Read more »

Why Bother With Dental Checkups?

When you think about scheduling your dental checkup, do you ever think to yourself, “Ugh, who cares?” and then turn your attention to other things? Granted, there might be some other activities you’d rather plan out for yourself! However, since you only need checkups two times a year, we’d like to explain why it’s actually… Read more »

Why Your Smile Problem Is Still There

You might wake up one morning and realize something is wrong with your smile. Maybe your gums look puffy. Perhaps your tooth hurts. In response, rather than schedule a dental checkup with us, you decide to go ahead and take matters into your own hands by getting serious about prevention. You brush and floss just… Read more »