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Bruxism: Are You Making Things So Much Worse?

How are you doing with your bruxism disorder? Would you say that you’re right on track, you’re considering each and every detail, and you couldn’t be doing better if you tried? Or, would you say that though you’re trying not to do anything that could make your bruxism worse, you couldn’t say for sure that… Read more »

Considering Sedation Dentistry? Take Our Quiz

It is quite common for people to experience some anxiety about going to the dentist. Usually this is based off of the fear of needing “painful dental work” or hearing the sound of the drill. Thankfully, modern medicine has created a simple, pain-free option for those needing a little extra reassurance. Sedation dentistry allows you… Read more »

Snoring Treatment Can Help Your Spouse

If you snore, your spouse may complain about it with some regularity. Your loud nighttime breathing may even have driven a wedge between the two of you. There is good reason for this; studies have shown that snoring can affect your partner just as much as it can affect you. Snoring is often the result… Read more »