When Brushing Hurts (But It Doesn’t Hurt Your Smile)!

What should you do when dental hygiene hurts? Well, if it’s your smile that is uncomfortable, you should check in on your habits and then come see us because something like gingivitis or decay may be affecting you. Now, what if it’s not your oral tissues that hurt? Perhaps you are experiencing pain in your hands, your arms, or some other part of your body that becomes involved in your brushing and flossing? Fortunately, we have some simple suggestions that can help tired or sore hands, arms, and more to ensure you can make it through brushing and flossing with greater ease.

Choose Products To Make It Easier

If your dental hygiene isn’t causing your mouth pain, then this is a good sign that your products aren’t irritating oral tissues. However, it’s still wise to make some changes that will make your experience gentler on hands, arms, etc. Consider the following options: You may wish to use an electric toothbrush. It’s much easier on your muscles (there’s not a lot of movement involved on your part). You may wish to talk to us about accessories that make gripping instruments like toothbrushes and floss easier (a sleeve for your toothbrush or a floss handle guide can be very beneficial!). Not sure where to begin? Call us.

Call Your Doctor

While making changes to your dental hygiene to make it more comfortable for hands and arms can help, you may still benefit from speaking with your general practitioner. He or she can help you get to the bottom of your discomfort, while finding a solution. Remember, early treatment is always to your advantage!

Make Dental Hygiene Comfortable With Care Tips

We are happy to help you make your dental hygiene more comfortable and effective by offering tips for your unique concern. Just ask! Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe, Houston, The Woodlands, Willis, Montgomery, Magnolia, Huntsville, and the neighboring communities.