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3 Reasons To: Come In For Your Cleaning And Checkup!

Do you find that when you have some very good reasons to do something, it’s much easier for you to follow through and actually accomplish said tasks? If so, we are happy to report that we can come up with reasons for you to schedule your dental cleaning and checkup all day long! However, to… Read more »

Lip, Tongue, And Mouth Cuts: What To Do?

You might not give much thought to minor oral health issues like a cut on your lip, a bitten tongue, or similar injuries until it happens to you. One moment, you’re chewing your food and the next, “Yowtch!” you have bitten the soft tissue within your mouth (or the delicate tissue of your lip). When… Read more »

3 Post-Dental-Cleaning Tips

If you wish, you may simply return to your usual daily life after your dental cleaning with us. However, if you want to make the most of your efforts in dental care, you might want to go ahead and consider a few helpful tips that we have to offer. They’re simple to accomplish and can… Read more »

3 Reminders About Dental Checkups

Do you ever feel the desire to just skip a dental checkup every now and again? Perhaps you feel convinced they are simply not a necessary part of taking care of yourself. We understand the desire to keep your free time to yourself – however, we suggest you consider a few compelling reminders about what… Read more »

Dental Checkup Quiz

If you’re like many of our patients, you have been experiencing dental checkups for most of your life. However, just because this is a consistent part of your life does not mean you’re filled in on the details. Do you ever wonder if you really know what’s going on during your preventive care visits? To… Read more »

Dental Checkups: Preventing Oral Cancer

One of the last things you probably want to speak with us about is cancer. Rest assured, many patients simply avoid scheduling appointments or asking about this topic because it comes with a lot of concern. However, we always encourage patients to take a proactive approach by feeling comfortable asking questions. The most important thing… Read more »

Dental Checkup Technology: What To Expect

During your preventive visits, you will receive a checkup and a cleaning. The general idea of receiving this type of care is probably not lost on you. Most patients realize that our goal is to help them prevent, avoid, or treat early the development of common problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease with… Read more »

Dental Care during Pregnancy

Expecting a child? Congratulations! We know this is an exciting and somewhat nerve-wracking time. You are doing everything you can to protect your baby’s health, but you may have a lot of questions about dental care during pregnancy. Unfortunately, the connection between oral health and the health of an unborn baby often goes overlooked. However,… Read more »

Could a Dental Checkup Prevent a Heart Attack?

When you go to the dentist for a routine exam and cleaning, you are thinking about your healthy smile. In all likelihood, you are not going to the dentist for your cardiovascular wellness. However, scientists suggest that there is a vital link between gum disease and periodontal disease. Research is still underway, and health experts… Read more »