Calcium: The ABCD’s

Not sure you know why you need calcium to protect your oral health but you keep hearing that it’s necessary? Don’t quite understand why it’s so dangerous for your body to have a lack of this mineral and, while you believe it’s true, you haven’t the faintest idea about the specifics? We are happy to offer you a quick guide to this mineral with the ABC’s (and Ds).


When it comes to calcium, the letter “A” is all about getting an adequate amount of this mineral in your diet. Without it, you’re looking at some not-so-wonderful side effects to your oral health like cavities and weak teeth. How much is enough? Approximately 1,000mg every day.


Calcium will help you ensure your smile remains beautiful instead of brittle. Keep that in mind when you’re doing your best to get a sufficient amount of this mineral every day. If you need some help figuring out how to blend diet with the use of supplements, we will be happy to talk with you (or, schedule an appointment with your doctor).


C is for … calcium, of course! What is this, you wonder? It’s a naturally occurring mineral that is absolutely necessary for your body. Did you know that when you’re not getting enough of it, your body will essentially steal some from your bones to keep your body’s levels up to par? Keep your bones strong and your teeth strong by getting enough.


Dairy is one of the main, easily accessible sources of calcium. However, if you need other options, there are many. A kale salad, almonds, a serving of beans, supplements, and more will all help!

Feed Your Body The Calcium It Needs

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