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Dietary Influences On Your Oral Health

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Your oral health is the most important factor to consider when you are providing care for your smile. After all, there are several sources of harm or damage that your smile can endure on a daily basis and, unfortunately, not nearly as many natural defenses in line to protect it. Though you may be taking… Read more »

How Sugar-Free Gum Benefits Your Health

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It goes without saying that your smile faces a barrage of oral health threats and other concerns on a daily basis. While we have some natural forms of defense – such as a protective layer of dental enamel surrounding our teeth – the truth is that the threats significantly outweigh these defenses, meaning we must… Read more »

When Life Hands You Lemons: Don’t Eat Them!

You may think to yourself, “Why this is winter! I’m not thinking about lemons when it’s chilly outside.” However, this may not quite be the case. True, this sunny fruit is often something that becomes much more popular during the summer months. However, you may be overlooking some instances in which you’re indulging in this… Read more »

Calcium: The ABCD’s

Not sure you know why you need calcium to protect your oral health but you keep hearing that it’s necessary? Don’t quite understand why it’s so dangerous for your body to have a lack of this mineral and, while you believe it’s true, you haven’t the faintest idea about the specifics? We are happy to… Read more »

What Minerals Are Best for Your Teeth?

As you grew older and became more involved in your dental care, you may have realized that much of what you eat can significantly influence your oral health. However, you may not realize that your eating habits can prove beneficial to your smile, too. Much like the rest of your body, your mouth needs the… Read more »

Healthy Eating Tips for Good Oral Health

Everyone knows “you are what you eat”, but does this saying stand true for your oral health too? Research has shown that by eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet, you can greatly reduce your risk of many dental diseases. Your mouth requires certain minerals to keep your teeth strong and healthy, and to repair damage caused… Read more »

How Tea Affects Your Teeth

This time of year, it’s great to curl up with a hot, steaming mug of your favorite beverage. Unfortunately, many of your favorite winter drinks are not exactly good for your smile. Coffee causes significant discoloration, and hot chocolate is packed with harmful sugar. With health care experts touting the benefits of tea, you may… Read more »

Improve Your Diet to Improve Your Dental Health

This time of year, there is a huge emphasis on healthy eating. Take a trip to any grocery store, and you will see shelves of low fat, high protein products, designed to help those with a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. However, while we certainly applaud healthy weight loss goals, this year make your… Read more »