When Life Hands You Lemons: Don’t Eat Them!

You may think to yourself, “Why this is winter! I’m not thinking about lemons when it’s chilly outside.” However, this may not quite be the case. True, this sunny fruit is often something that becomes much more popular during the summer months. However, you may be overlooking some instances in which you’re indulging in this acidic fruit that can lead to oral health problems. Or, you may be overlooking some similarly harmful details. Let’s make sure you’re not!

Watch That Water!

When your waiter asks you if you’d like lemon in your water, do you say yes? Do you then squeeze the fresh lemon juice into your water? This may not seem like much but it’s actually enough to make your previously neutral and good for your oral health drink into an acidic one. First, you were doing something beneficial for your smile. The next moment, you end up making your smile more vulnerable to acid erosion. Skip the citrus addition and do your best to become accustomed to drinking your water as is!

Avoid Fake Fruit, Too

You may think that as long as you avoid citrus fruits as much as you can that you’re safe. As a result, things like lemon- or orange-flavored juices and sports drinks may seem safe. “It’s not real citrus,” you may think to yourself. Unfortunately, just about every juice and sports drink out there is acidic. Remember this, so when you’re thirsty or in need of serious hydration, you reach for water every time to protect your oral health.

Keep Oral Health Protected With Hints From Us!

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