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Could You Have Early Gum Disease?

They say the early bird gets the worm (which doesn’t sound like a great prize!) but we know the early discovery and diagnosis of gum disease is a tremendous benefit to oral health. One of the benefits of regular check ups and cleanings in Conroe, TX is having expert eyes on your teeth and gums… Read more »

Quiz: Does Your Toothbrush Have Limits?

When you pick up your toothbrush, squeeze toothpaste onto the bristles, and begin your dental hygiene session, you have some level of expectations regarding how this action will benefit your oral health. Can you identify exactly what your toothbrush can do for you? Or, are you a little bit fuzzy when it comes the specific… Read more »

Overcoming Any Dental Anxiety

If you start to get nervous just thinking about going to the dentist, you are not alone. Many Americans have dental anxiety and some even have a genuine phobia, dentophobia. Fear and anxiety keep them from maintaining regular visits with their dentist, which prevents regular check-ups and important preventative care from happening. Patients with dental… Read more »

Q&A: What Should I Do With Old Dental Prescriptions?

Are you someone who receives a prescription, takes what you need, and then leaves the bottle in the back of your medicine cabinet without thinking about it again for a long time? If so, you may not realize that this can present you with some serious problems! The good news is that we can most… Read more »

Does A Toothache Mean A Cavity?

When you have a pain in your tooth, you might leap to the conclusion that you you have a cavity. Dentists know that a toothache is a signal that “I need attention.” It may be that the source of trouble is arising somewhere else (for example, from pressure or infection in the sinus area.) Tooth… Read more »

Which Toothbrush, Paste, And Floss To Buy?

What’s your process like for choosing your toothbrush? Do you look for a color you like and the details end there? How about your toothpaste? Does the flavor rule the decision or are you focused on its extra benefits, such as whitening or tartar control? Then there’s dental floss – there are simply so many… Read more »

Three Reasons Not to Ignore a Toothache

When your tooth hurts, it can either be sharp enough to make you wince in pain or dull and minor enough to seem like nothing urgent, depending on what causes it. Either way, the preferable response when a toothache strikes is to call your dentist and schedule a dental examination to determine why. Though you… Read more »

Several Reasons for Bad Breath

In most cases, you can tell when your breath is bad and are able to do your best to hide it from others. Unfortunately, you might not always know about your bad breath until someone points it out, and even knowing about it doesn’t mean you can successfully hide it. Luckily, most cases of chronic… Read more »