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What Happens When You Have Sleep Apnea?

For some people, trouble sleeping isn’t something obvious. They may believe that they’re sleeping soundly throughout the night, despite not ever reaching the deep, restful sleep that their brains and bodies need to rest properly. This is often the case for people who suffer from sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that directly interrupts your sleep… Read more »

What Snoring and Daytime Tiredness Could Mean

The biggest problem with snoring is that many people who do it consistently don’t consider it a problem. Because of this, they fail to seek treatment for it, allowing it to continuously impact the quality of their breathing while they sleep. For some people, snoring can also be a problem because it indicates a more… Read more »

Getting Help for Your Chronic Snoring Habit

When you consider the kinds of things your dentist can help you address, you may not think your chronic snoring habit should be included in them. However, for many people who suffer from chronic snoring, a visit to the dentist could be the first step in finally finding a solution to stopping it. Today, we… Read more »

How Sleep Apnea Deprives You of Sleep

For people who experience obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, the existence of the sleep disorder isn’t always obvious. Typically, one of the earliest and most consistent signs of sleep apnea is the increasingly loud snoring that results from it. However, you might not realize that you snore every night, as it isn’t usually loud enough… Read more »

Could These Be Signs that You Have Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is one of those conditions that more people have than many people realize. It’s also the kind of condition that you can develop and suffer symptoms because of, yet not even realize that you have it. Sleep apnea describes the cessation of breathing while you sleep caused by a repeated obstruction of your… Read more »

What Waking Up from Sleep Apnea Can Be Like

Sleep apnea is a disorder that can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your sleep. Yet, many people who have it don’t k now it, and the symptoms that it causes can sometimes seem random and without cause. However, having sleep apnea means that your quality of sleep is seriously diminished every night…. Read more »

If Your Snoring Is a Problem

Snoring is the kind of problem that can often seem more annoying than serious. As such, people who snore often may not take addressing the problem very seriously. However, chronic snoring can be more problematic for your overall wellbeing than you may realize. In some cases, the snoring may not even be the problem itself,… Read more »

Can an Oral Appliance Help You Sleep Better?

Many people who snore chronically aren’t aware that there may be a chronic underlying condition causing it. Obstructive sleep apnea, which is a common sleep breathing disorder, often causes repeated snoring every night, but the noise is only part of the problem. If you have sleep apnea, then snoring is only a precursor to a… Read more »

What Makes Snoring a Problem for Your Sleep?

When it comes to oral health problems, you might not include chronic snoring in your list of concerns. Even if you realize that you have a snoring problem, you may not think to speak to your dentist about resolving it. However, at our office, we can help many patients overcome a chronic snoring habit with… Read more »

A Look at Why Sleep Apnea Matters

Not everyone realizes when they have trouble sleeping peacefully. Sleep occurs in various stages, and sometimes, you can remain unconscious while never reaching the deeper levels of sleep that matter most. For example, if you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, then the consistent cessation of your breathing can interrupt your sleeping pattern more severely than… Read more »