Cavities: 3 Helpful Ways To Look At Them

If you think about the general state of your emotions in terms of your reaction to cavities, there are really only two categories. There’s the bad, which may include feelings of guilt, upset, etc. Then, there are the good, which may include feelings of motivation, understanding, reflection, and more. Since it’s natural to feel disappointed initially, our Conroe, TX team would like to offer you up some help when it comes to your long-term perspective on tooth decay. When you consider new ways to look at a cavity, it can actually help you take even better care of your smile!

#1: As Reminders To Improve Your Preventive Care

If you end up with a cavity, we encourage you to use it as a reminder to figure out what might be going wrong with your preventive care and to fix it! While you may be doing quite a good job (bacteria are, in fact, quite good at sneaking into little spaces and causing decay), remember to check on your care anyway. Make sure you’re brushing two times daily, that you’re remembering to floss, and also remind yourself that setting up visits with us is important, too!

#2: As The Enemy: Come In To Fight Them!

You might want to look at cavities as something you need to conquer because, well, they are. If you leave tooth decay alone, it will get worse, bigger, deeper, more uncomfortable, and will cause additional trauma for your oral health. So, look at decay as something to fight and to prevent. How to do this? By coming in for a dental filling and then following through with prevention, of course!

#3: As Lessons You Learn From

We encourage you to go ahead and turn any guilt you’re feeling into intentional reflection instead! Don’t feel bad. Feel good. Ask yourself what you have learned from developing tooth decay and then apply that to your daily life! Maybe you’ve been reminded that even when something goes wrong, we are here to help and that there’s always a solution. Maybe it’s time to start with a clean slate and ensure your dedication to smile care is top notch!

Let Cavities Help You Improve Your Smile Care

Don’t feel guilty about or ignore cavities, if they show up in your smile. Instead, rely on them as motivation to see our team to keep your smile in excellent condition through the help of professional dental care. Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.