Computer Use: 3 Negative Smile Side Effects

Of course, we all love some serious time spent on the computer, whether just surfing the web for something interesting, delving into a particular topic, checking email, watching a movie, or anything else! Then, there are many individuals whose work is spent at the computer, either for a career, a hobby, art, writing, and the list goes on. The point here is that as a culture, we spend a lot of time seated, sitting, staring at the monitor before us. So, what does all of this mean for our oral health, you might suddenly wonder? Consider a handful of negative side effects that our Conroe, TX team has pulled together, so you can strive to be a bit more careful!

#1: TMJ Disorder: It May Cause Or Worsen It

Imagine you’re sitting at your computer. Do you occasionally find yourself leaning toward the screen? Do you have your legs crossed or your feet stretched way out in front of you? Have you ever thoroughly studied the ergonomics associated with proper use of a computer? If you don’t have your arms, legs, and head at the correct angles and your body in the proper alignment, then you’re possibly encouraging the development of some concerns!

In terms of your oral health, improper body alignment can lead to TMJ disorder or can simply make it worse if you’re already dealing with it. By holding your face and neck forward (even though you don’t realize you’re doing it), you stress and exhaust muscles, jaw joints, and more. Consider your posture and make adjustments soon!

#2: Bruxism Disorder: It May Make Matters Worse

Particularly when you’re working or really concentrating, if grinding and clenching are part of your life, then your focus on your monitor and the task at hand may encourage such problems. We suggest you strive to limit the amount of time you spend at the computer (or take moments to rest, stretch, and then return).

#3: Tooth Decay: Is This Also Your Snack Time?

How do you spend your time at the computer? Whether you are at your monitor for leisure or business, if you bring drinks and snacks into the mix, you may be creating a recipe for cavities. Ensure you pause to rinse, that you remember your twice-daily brushing and flossing, and try to limit snacking to isolated moments, rather than eating or sipping for extended periods of time.

Curb Habits That Promote Smile Damage

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