Dental Protection for Athletes of Every Level

HockeyYou don’t have to give up your athletic lifestyle in order to preserve your beautiful teeth. Unfortunately, many athletes who enjoy participating in sports for recreation or the hopes of a future career consider their teeth to be a low priority. You deserve to have teeth unhampered by chips, cracks, or complete loss when you’re accepting that trophy and smiling for the local paper. There’s a simple solution which will allow you to keep living your life as athletically as ever while still protecting that gorgeous grin.

Dangerous Contact Sports

Athletic mouthguards are recommended by dentists for anyone of any age who plays a contact sport. Mouthguards definitely offer extra benefits to someone undergoing orthodontic treatment or who has just invested time and money in cosmetic dental work. If you are on a team playing a contact sport like football or hockey, you should always wear a mouthguard. This will keep your gums and other mouth tissues from getting cut by the brackets and wires if you wear braces, and will keep teeth firmly in place.

Athletic Injuries

It isn’t only football and hockey that can lead to impacts which jeopardize your perfect smile. Basketball players get elbowed in the mouth. Soccer players can take a ball or cleat directly in the teeth. A tennis ball can be damaging when it hits you in just the right spot. Even solitary sports such as running can result in tripping and falling in just the right way where a dental injury could occur. Not everyone is going to wear an athletic mouthguard at all times, but the added protection is never a bad idea.

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