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Common Sports Mishaps: Keep That Smile Safe!

Are you someone who loves to be active? Perhaps you or your family members like to exercise, ride bikes, roller blade, take part in organized sports, or even neighborhood activities! Whatever the case, as much as being active is an extremely important part of your overall health, we remind you that if you’re not careful,… Read more »

Are You Quite An Active Individual? Consider Some Important Reminders.

Are you someone who tends to run, take part in community sports, work out, play team sports, skateboard, or absolutely anything else that might nudge you into the category of an active individual? How about your children? Do you have kids who play soccer, basketball, baseball, or anything else? When athletics play a role in… Read more »

Oral Health Damage From Sports

Are you someone who participates in sports? Perhaps you are very invested in team sports or working out independently. Maybe you do it as a hobby. No matter the frequency with which you are active, it’s important to recognize that you can end up with some serious oral health damage from simple accidents from sports-related… Read more »

Dental Protection for Athletes of Every Level

You don’t have to give up your athletic lifestyle in order to preserve your beautiful teeth. Unfortunately, many athletes who enjoy participating in sports for recreation or the hopes of a future career consider their teeth to be a low priority. You deserve to have teeth unhampered by chips, cracks, or complete loss when you’re… Read more »