Face Pain, Neck Pain, Head Pain: What’s Up?

When you’re experiencing pain in your face, your neck, or your head, it’s certainly not a pleasant experience. In addition to the fact that it hurts, it can become alarming when it becomes a consistent part of your life but you feel that no matter what you do, it simply continues. We are happy to report that you are not without explanations! In many cases, you’re overlooking the fact that these symptoms are frequently related to your oral health. Believe it or not, some simple treatment may be all you need, so come learn more from our Conroe, TX team!

Sometimes, It’s From Jaw Problems

Sometimes, what’s going on is that you’re beginning to experience pain in your jaw joints. However, the pain radiates. You may notice it in your face and neck. You might develop headaches. It can also continue to spread, affecting your shoulders and the muscles in your back! So, when headaches (and additional upper body aches) show up, come in to talk with us about whether you may be dealing with jaw joint issues, which we refer to as TMJ disorder. In addition, don’t try to solve jaw concerns on your own. Instead of making things better in an attempt to stretch your jaw, you can actually make things worse. We will help!

In Many Cases, It’s Grinding And Clenching

We know that you may not really even know what bruxism disorder is or that you’re clenching your teeth together on a regular basis. Then again, you may be grinding them back and forth. Though it’s easy for you to overlook this chronic problem, we can identify signs and connect the dots, helping you recognize that your pain is related. As you may have guessed, we can also provide you with gentle and very effective care for this oral health concern, so don’t hesitate to schedule a visit! Treatment can lessen these issues, thereby helping headaches, neck pain, and more hit the road!

Your Sleep May Be The Culprit

If you have ever gotten far too little sleep, you know that just feeling fatigued can lead to headaches. Now, add sleep apnea into the mix (which not only causes you to lose sleep but also cause you to stop breathing for seconds at a time, again and again, throughout the night) and you’re primed for headaches. This is one of those oral health related concerns you cannot treat without professional care and that happens to bring serious side effects to the table, so come in for treatment!

Treat Pain With An Oral Appliance

Remember that whether you are dealing with TMJ disorder that affects your jaws, bruxism, or sleep apnea, we can help you with noninvasive oral appliance therapy! Getting started simply requires you to set up an appointment with us. Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.