Floss Your Teeth! If Not…

Have you ever looked at your dental floss container, considered flossing, and then simply walked away? Does your floss ever make an appearance during your dental hygiene sessions? If not, we would like to inform you of the things (unfortunately, none of them are good) that might happen to your smile if you completely neglect this essential part of your daily care at home. You just might decide to give that flossing a go as a result. Need help learning how to do it correctly? Just ask!

You’ll Get Gingivitis

If you don’t floss your smile, even if you do everything else we suggest, chances are good that you may develop gingivitis. If you’re not already informed, that means that you’re going to end up with gum disease. It begins as this initial, reversible stage of inflammation but it can quickly progress into an incurable but treatable problem known as periodontal disease. Avoid it with complete dental hygiene and care!

You’ll Develop Decay

If flossing isn’t part of your dental hygiene, chances are good you’ll end up with tooth decay, which is another way of saying you’re going to get a cavity. Did you know that decay can happen to any part of your teeth, even between your teeth? It’s true. So, start flossing!

Your Breath Will Be Yucky

When plaque, tartar, and food particles build up in your smile, they don’t smell good. While you might be brushing, if you’re missing this accumulation between your teeth, the foul odor will still be there, causing you to struggle with bad breath.

Learn More About Dental Hygiene During Checkups

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