Is Your Dental Filling Made to Last?

Dental fillings are an effective way to repair cavities. Assuming the structure of your tooth has not been totally destroyed by bacteria, your dentist can often restore it with a filling. All dental fillings will eventually fall out, due to the changing nature of your teeth, but you can still expect a reasonable amount of durability and functionality from your filling. The material used in your dental filling plays a huge part in determining how well the filling works. Metal amalgam fillings were often used in the past to restore cavities, but a tooth-colored resin option typically works better.

Dental Resin Fillings Fit Your Cavity Better

Knowing whether or not your filling will last and serve you well throughout its lifetime has to do with fit. Every cavity looks a little bit different because each one is the product of biochemical activity. Bacteria produce acid that wears down the structure of your enamel. To replace that structure, you need a material that can fit the contour of the cavity. As a material, dental resin is more malleable than metal amalgam, and it can bond directly to your tooth, making it more comfortable for you, and a more sustainable option.

Metal Fillings Can Come with Complications for Some Individuals

Metal amalgam is a strong material, which is why it was initially used for fillings. However, you won’t be giving up strength with a dental resin filling. Plus, metal can create some complications depending on the individual. Some patients have metal allergies that make metal amalgam fillings incompatible for them. It’s also recommended that pregnant women stay away from metal fillings, making resin a better option. Further, metal conducts heat, so patients with amalgam fillings will sometimes experience sensitivity in their teeth due to extreme heat or cold.

Dental Resin Can Match the Color of Your Tooth

One of the biggest assets that dental resin fillings come with is the color. Resin can create a tooth-colored filling by being treated to match your existing tooth. Taking composites from your existing tooth, your dentist can shade the material so that it blends in with your natural smile. While the function and durability of your filling are important, you also want your tooth restoration to look great. Composite fillings give you a repaired tooth in which you can feel confident.

Ask About Dental Fillings at The Dental Centre of Conroe

Repairing cavities is important. A dental filling can prevent you from needing more serious treatment like a root canal or dental crown. You want a dental filling that gives you confidence, and that’s exactly what a tooth-colored filling can do. At The Dental Centre of Conroe, we provide tooth-colored fillings that fit your tooth and look great. Schedule an appointment at The Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX by contacting our office at 936-441-4600.