Some of the Best Reasons to Put a Crown on a Tooth

The goal of professional dental treatment has always been to help you preserve as much of your healthy smile as possible, particularly your healthy, natural tooth structure. This means not only restoring a tooth when it’s damaged or compromised, but doing so in a way that optimizes your chances of preserving the tooth’s future health and integrity. For many patients, the problem with their tooth is significant enough that fixing the tooth is best accomplished by completely capping its structure with a custom dental crown.

The tooth’s crown is fractured or broken

A dental crown is a custom-designed restoration that’s made to replicate the entire visible portion of your tooth. Also called the tooth’s crown, this is the portion that rests on top of your gums, and is responsible for biting and chewing your food as well as filling out your smile. When this part of your tooth is significantly fractured or broken, placing a custom, lifelike dental crown over it can be the most effective way of preventing it from experiencing further damage. The durable crown can also restore most of the tooth’s structural integrity and ability to function properly, helping you enjoy better long-term oral health.

The tooth is significantly blemished

Dental crowns have always been designed with the intent of replicating a tooth crown’s size and shape in order to restore the tooth’s function. However, modern dental crowns are also frequently made from advanced, highly lifelike materials, such as dental porcelain, that have the ability to closely replicate the color, shine, texture, and overall appearance of your healthy, natural tooth structure. Their highly lifelike appearance can sometimes make dental crowns an optimal solution for improving a tooth’s appearance when it develops severe cosmetic blemishing.

The tooth is misshapen or severely worn-down

When a tooth doesn’t fit in perfectly with the contour of your smile, it can have negative affects on your oral health and bite function for years to come. Correcting the concern depends on the extent of it, though for many teeth that are worn-down or misshapen, placing a custom-made dental crown over the tooth structure can be a convenient and effective way of recreating the tooth’s healthy, natural appearance.

Learn if your tooth can use a dental crown

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