Solutions For Noticeable Tooth Cracks

broken tooth dental care icon vector illustration designIt goes without saying that your oral health is a top priority, but that does not mean non-emergent treatment should be forgotten about on the back burner. Indeed, you are likely familiar with the importance of having cavities filled and other restorative treatments, but what happens when you experience a chip or crack that is not necessarily a dental emergency? In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX dentist addresses the need to mend surface-level chips and cracks, as well as how cosmetic bonding and contouring can help.

Accidents Occur

Factors that negatively influence your smile’s health exist all around you. From the foods and beverages you consume to your level of preventive care at home and everything in-between, there is hardly anything that your grin is truly immune from. Indeed, tooth decay, for example, is among the most common oral health concerns you can experience, and leaving it untreated only leads to bigger concerns down the line.

A factor you might not be considering, however, is that accidents can occur at any given time, potentially leaving way to dental emergencies. For example, a slightly miscalculated movement in a sports game could result in anything from a minor chipped or cracked tooth to a completely dislodged structure altogether. In cases such as these, it is best to determine the level of severity by visiting your dentist immediately.

Situations that warrant a dental emergency will be treated immediately so as to ensure the best for your oral health. In the event your injury is only on the surface, your dentist will provide options for cosmetic care. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

When Damage is Cosmetic

In the event that a chip or crack occurs in a manner that does not directly influence your oral health, your dentist will help provide some cosmetic options for treatment. Among the most common for scenarios such as this one, bonding and contouring allow for quick and simple treatment.

When you come in for your visit, our team will take care to apply a composite resin material to the affected area so as to mend any noticeable blemish. What’s more? This treatment is non-invasive in nature and only requires a couple of visits to complete. For more information about this process, give our team a call.

Lifelike Benefits of Bonding and Contouring

In addition to sealing any noticeable chips or cracks, bonding and contouring can provide lifelike treatment. Indeed, our composite resin material can be shade-matched to the natural hue of your smile, allowing for a virtually seamless finish.

Speak with Our Team

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