Stop, Skip, Or Swish: Soda Damage Avoidance! 

If you’re someone who drinks soda, that means that at some point, you’re sipping on this very acidic beverage, which can lead to serious consequences for your smile! It can damage your oral health, as the acids slowly wear down your enamel (you will hear this referred to as acid erosion). It can promote additional problems that come with damaged enamel. You may end up dealing with some serious discoloration, too, which is not something you want! The good news is that when you realize you need to do something about this delicious yet dangerous habit, our Conroe, TX team is here to swoop in and offer very beneficial advice (whether you’re someone who enjoys one soda a year or multiple sodas a day!).

Stop It All Together

Soda is something that you could most certainly just stop drinking! If you were to do so, you would be removing this extremely acidic (and therefore dangerous) beverage from your diet. We remind patients that though they may feel tempted to switch from sugary soda to diet in an effort to protect their oral health, this actually doesn’t do much. No matter the flavor, the color, the sugar content, the level of artificial or natural ingredients, soda is simply a very acidic drink. The less you consume, the better for your smile!

Skip It Occasionally

Not really interested in stopping soda completely because you really do enjoy it from time to time? Remember that since drinking it frequently can most certainly lead to oral health problems like tooth decay, it’s in your best interest to limit it. How to do so easily, though? Consider swapping out soda and drinking water instead, as often as possible. For instance, maybe you usually drink a soda with your lunch and dinner. Drink water with your dinner every day instead. Make these types of choices to keep your smile safer! Or, consider allowing yourself one soda at the end of the week as a special treat! You get the idea!

Swish With Water After Drinking!

Any time you consume a soda, the best thing you can do is immediately follow it with H2O. Yep. Swish water around in your mouth to neutralize the pH, to remove acids from your teeth, to remove any sugar, to eliminate staining pigments, and to help keep your smile health in lovely condition!

Keep Your Smile Protected

Learn more from our team about the things you eat and drink and whether they’re impacting your smile. Remember that we can always offer helpful tips to make realistic dental care something you can achieve. Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.