Tackling Dental Decay At Various Stages

Photo of female open mouth during oral inspection with mirror and hookWhen faced with the myriad of threats and concerns that can negatively influence your oral health, it can seem pretty daunting to effectively keep your smile healthy. From dental emergencies to common concerns such as decay, there is very little your grin is immune to. Even still, infection can hold your health hostage at a much faster rate than you expect, which is why restorative dental treatments are a necessary part of dentistry. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX dentist will examine the different restorative treatments offered for varying degrees of dental decay, as well as steps you can take to keep your smile happy and healthy.

Addressing Early Infection with Fillings

Just like many other oral health concerns, dental decay is a process that is kickstarted by hyperactive oral bacteria. You see, each smile contains these microorganisms, and it is up to us to ensure we are practicing effective preventive care in order to keep them from causing problems.

Oral bacteria can lurk in the hard-to-access areas of the mouth, where they feed off of the foods we consume. Certain items and sugar, in particular, cause these microorganisms to secrete a destructive acid that actively breaks down your natural tooth structure. As this process continues, a small hole known as a cavity may form.

When it comes to decay, it is better to act sooner rather than later when it comes to treatment. For instance, your dentist might recommend a dental filling to properly remove the decaying sections and fill the open gaps with a composite resin. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Dental Crowns are Versatile

As infection spreads, it slowly but surely begins to compromise your entire tooth. In some situations, your dentist may utilize a dental crown restoration to cap off your tooth after a filling treatment.

In other cases, however, our team may recommend a dental crown restoration to not only protect your other teeth from the threat of decay, but to reinforce your tooth’s strength as it heals. For more information about the versatility of dental crowns, contact our team today.

Root Canal Therapy to Save Your Tooth

Without proper treatment, infection will continue to spread and worsen. In fact, the bacteria will work their way down into the inner workings of a structure, infecting pulp and damaging your nerves. To address this, your dentist will recommend a root canal treatment that offers a last chance to salvage your smile. If the situation progresses much past this, you will likely face the possibility of needing a dental extraction.

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