The Many Problems Of A Broken Tooth 

You probably realize in a very basic way that a broken tooth is bad, particularly when compared with a tooth that is whole. However, as for the ramifications in terms of what that means for the future of the tooth itself and for the future of your oral health both immediately and in the long run, well, this might be new to you. Especially if you’ve never dealt with severe damage before! With that in mind, our Conroe, TX team strongly encourages you to learn more about the many additional problems associated with breakage, so you quickly feel motivated to contact us ASAP for restorative dental care!

It’s Uncomfortable

First and foremost, when you deal with a broken tooth, some type of discomfort will come with it. This is generally inevitable because serious damage (not just a chip that’s purely esthetic in nature) will allow otherwise hidden and protected nerves to become exposed to your mouth and the open air! These usually encased nerves will become aggravated, which will lead to pain. How to make it stop? Take a pain reliever and address the problem with our team with restorative care ASAP.

It’s No Longer Functional

Remember that a whole tooth fits in with the rest of your smile, promotes a balanced bite, and provides a function (whether helping you speak or chew). A broken tooth can no longer satisfy this requirement of a healthy tooth, which is why seeking restorative care (such as a dental crown) is key to restoring your smile’s ability to work!

It’s Open To Bacteria

In addition to becoming open to the outside world and leading to nerve aggravation, remember that a broken, open tooth is also wide open to bacteria. Once they make their way into your tooth, they can infect it. When you prevent infection or treat the very beginning of one by seeing our team for restorative care immediately, you get your smile back to good health and avoid the potential for serious complications!

It Will Probably Break Further

We want you to remember that a broken tooth is one that is not stable and that will probably become even more injured. That is, until you allow us to treat it. So, don’t wait. Come in very soon, so we may restore the structure and your tooth becomes stable and sturdy again!

Schedule Care For Your Broken Tooth 

Get in touch with us to schedule a visit right away, when you deal with a broken tooth! Remember that we offer emergency dental care, so you may quickly achieve restored oral health. Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.