Things Other People Mention About Your Smile

When other people make comments about your smile (it’s probably more frequently someone very close to you, such as a spouse, parent, child, best friend), you may immediately feel yourself becoming defensive. How dare someone say something that isn’t positive about any aspect of your oral health! With that said, however, you do have to take a moment to pause, as you realize they’re probably trying to help … and they may have felt a little uncomfortable doing it. So, what types of things should you put value on, when the opinions or worries come from somewhere other than your own thoughts? Our Conroe, TX team can help with some examples.

Someone Says Your Breath Is Bad

Unbelievable! Someone actually told you that you have bad breath. The nerve! Well. Actually, that’s someone with some serious guts or someone who really truly cares about you! We remind you that unless your breath is the result of a meal full of potent seasonings, a persistent issue is a warning sign. You may need a cleaning, a filling, care for an infection, or treatment for another oral health concern. Find out what it is (so we may address it) by scheduling a dental checkup!

Someone Hears Loud Noises

When someone is shocked by the loud sounds emanating from your jaw joints as you eat a sandwich, you take offense. When someone tries to kindly point out that you’re grinding your teeth back and forth so much that they can actually hear it, you’re outraged! However, these are things to bring to our attention ASAP. Why? Well, because they point to potential TMJ issues or bruxism. We offer treatment for it, so it gets better instead of worse.

Someone Mentions Your Gums Look Upset

Of course, we know that if you’re visiting your parents for the weekend and your mom happens to casually mention that your gums look aggravated, it might not sit well with you. However, when someone who has seen you countless times recognizes a change with the way your gums look, it’s probably a good idea to listen! Gingivitis can occur even without obvious symptoms, so better to bring this to our attention sooner than later, just in case your oral health needs saving (particularly since gum disease is progressive and can become very aggressive)!

See Us For Any Symptoms

Let us know when symptoms of an oral health problem develop, even if you aren’t the one who noticed or can even recognize the changes. Seeing us when there’s evidence of a shift is smart for oral health protection. Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.