Unfriendly Things Fall Brings: How To Protect Your Smile!

Fall! It’s coming! It brings the promise of cooler temperatures, cozy gatherings with friends and family, the chance to bundle up and enjoy the start of a long string of cool-weather holidays, and more! With that said, have you ever realized that many of the enjoyable things that come with autumn can actually act as some not-so-friendly enemies of your oral health? What’s headed your way that you need to give your full consideration and how can you enjoy yourself in the process? Our Conroe, TX team is on hand to ensure you can experience a fun fall that doesn’t put your smile at risk!

Sugary Treats

While summer is no stranger to sugary treats, it’s a certain thing that baked goods show up in quite a frenzy over the autumn months. The same is true for candy (ahem, Halloween is on its way!). Then, there are sugary drinks piled high with whipped cream. In short, sugar will abound. It’s all about how you proceed, fortunately, in terms of protecting your oral health from problems like decay. If you wish to avoid sugar altogether, then that will work wonders! Or, you may still enjoy your sweet treats, as long as you remember to rinse with water after you do so (and to brush and floss as suggested). It’s also helpful to follow treats with sugarless gum.

Acidic Drinks

If you thought sugar was the major culprit of the autumn season against your oral health, remember: When it comes to beverages, acid is also a strong contender! Think about it: There are coffee drinks, hot cocoa beverages, apple cider, and more! Many contain tons of sugar. Many are acidic on their own. Many may contain alcohol. In the end, it’s nothing good for your smile. So, keep up with the aforementioned suggestion to cleanse your smile ASAP after you indulge.

Shorter Days

You will realize that it becomes darker earlier, which makes it feel like your day is much shorter. While this may not necessarily directly impact your smile health, we remind you that it can cause you to feel like you don’t have as much time to get things done! So, plan accordingly. Remember to simply schedule the things you usually do on behalf of your grin, such as keeping dental hygiene items stocked, brushing and flossing (even when you feel sleepy earlier and don’t feel like it!), and calling us to schedule checkups and cleanings.

Enjoy A Healthy Smile Throughout Fall 

Don’t let the otherwise cozy and enjoyable season of autumn negatively impact your smile care! Follow our suggestions that are very simple and very beneficial, so you can keep your smile game going strong! Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.