Water: The Stuff It Does For Your Smile

One of those tips you always hear mentioned in terms of protecting your oral health? Remember to rinse your smile with water. Of course, drinking it counts, too, assuming you take a moment to let it flush through your mouth (or you swish). So, why is there this ever-mentioned recommendation to flood that lovely smile of yours with H2O as a means of keeping it safe, healthy, and looking good, you ask our Conroe, TX team? Why, we would love to further explain all of the amazing stuff this action can help you accomplish!

It Rinses Staining Pigments Away

When you drink water, this clear, neutral liquid passes over your teeth and gums. If you were just drinking cola, red wine, or any other beverage or food that contains pigmented particles, then you are at risk of smile stains. Fortunately, as you drink water, it floods your mouth and rinses these staining particles away, thereby limiting the chance of discoloration.

It Rinses Plaque And Bacteria Away

In addition to the fact that water will wash away particles that will cause stains, remember that it can also benefit your oral health! Your smile is covered in plaque every day. That plaque contains lots of bacteria, many of which are dangerous and can lead to tooth decay and more! Every time you drink water, you rinse some of that plaque and bacteria away. This helps keep teeth and gums safe.

It Rinses Food Particles (AKA Bacteria Fuel) Away

In addition to staining particles, plaque, and bacteria, water also flushes your mouth and helps remove any leftover food you’ve been eating. This is significant because the “bad” bacteria in plaque (that we just mentioned, which can lead to decay) feed on carbohydrates that are left behind on teeth. When you rinse your smile of them, you reduce fuel for bacteria, which helps you maintain optimal oral health!

It Rinses Acids Away

We know: You’re probably amazed by how many things you should be rinsing from your smile every day (which is why we so strongly suggest you drink lots of water!). You may also end up with acids on your teeth, whether from acidic foods or drinks. So, follow the aforementioned suggestion to drink water or to rinse with it after wine, soda, lemonade, juice, or anything else, so your smile can quickly snap back into neutral territory, which is important for your oral health.

Consider Easy Suggestions For Oral Health

Remember to ask us if we have any suggestions for keeping your smile healthy when you feel you could use a tip or two. Set up your checkups and cleanings twice a year, so you see us consistently! Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.