When Your Teeth Feel Tired

Do you feel a little strange admitting it and saying it aloud but … your teeth feel tired? Or, at least, this is the best way you can think of to describe the sensations you’re experiencing when it comes to your oral health? If so, then as with any noticeable shift, our Conroe, TX team suggests you get in touch with us soon! Still, you’re curious right now about what might be happening. The good news is that no matter what, it’s treatable with dental care! Of course, we’re still happy to offer up some possibilities for you to consider…

It Could Be Bruxism

When you say that your teeth feel tired, it’s a symptom that causes us to think you may be dealing with bruxism disorder. Not sure what this is? In short, it’s when you’re grinding a lot (or clenching a lot) as a result of involuntary muscle movements. You’re either moving teeth back and forth or you’re pressing them tightly together. Over time, this is going to make teeth feel uncomfortable, cause surrounding structures to feel fatigued, and may explain that “tired” feeling that’s come about. Fortunately, we offer dental care to treat this!

You May Actually Sense Your Jaw Fatigue

On the other hand (or, possibly in conjunction with bruxism) is something called TMJ disorder. It’s what happens when your TMJs (your jaw joints) are in need of rest, aren’t functioning properly, are stressed, etc. They’ll often feel fatigued, which can happen due to other culprits or as a result of bruxism. So, when you feel as though your smile is tired, which you think of as tired teeth, it may actually be that your jaw joints are sleepy or damaged. See us for dental care ASAP, so we can make things better quickly!

You May Be Experiencing Sensitivity, Etc.

Do your teeth feel a little bit uncomfortable and, as a result, the act of using them feels somewhat exhausting to you, which you translate as tired teeth? Perhaps they aren’t quite as contoured as they used to be, as a result of erosion, so using them takes more time to break down food, which makes your smile feel tired. Whatever the case, remember that there’s an answer and a solution! We can address sensitivity, help with damage, and more.

Address Tired Teeth With Our Team 

See us, when you realize you are dealing with some level of fatigue associated with your smile! Avoid procrastinating, so we may diagnose your concern and then quickly offer effective care for improvement! Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.