Why Do TMJs Become Strained In The First Place?

You keep hearing that TMJ health is something you may need to consider. However, you wonder why your all-powerful jaw joints might become strained or fatigued in the first place. Their main purpose is to offer your jaw motion, so shouldn’t you be able to just go about your usual day without worrying about them? Of course, our Conroe, TX team is on hand to better help you understand where you may be going just overboard with TMJs!

You Injure Them

You might not realize that you have accidentally injured your TMJs. However, any sort of serious trauma can lead to damage, which can then lead to further TMJ health problems even through regular use of your jaw joints! This is one reason it’s very important to keep up with your dental checkups with our team! When we see you consistently, we can detect any type of change and offer care right away that will support long-term recovery and smile health.

You Use Them For Every Motion!

You might not think you overuse your TMJs. That is, until you realize that you use them every time you move your mouth. Remember that these are the only two joints you’re relying on in order to open your mouth to breathe, speak, eat, sigh, laugh, and more. You rely on their power to help you break down food as you chew. You use them to yawn. You use them when you move your jaw to the side as you brush and floss. So, while you figure you’re not really using them much, you may eat extra snacks, chew gum, chomp on ice, and require more use than they should really be providing. Like anything that’s used too frequently, stress and strain can occur!

You Don’t Realize How Powerful They Are

When you need your TMJs, you use them. What you may overlook is that you may ask them to do more than they really should but because they are so powerful, you usually know they’ll be able to accomplish anything you need! However, as with just about any type of power, when you overuse it, you abuse it, which means you can lead to stress and strain. We remind you that when you appreciate your TMJs but you don’t press them to their limits, you have a much easier chance of keeping your TMJ health on track, rather than developing problems.

Keep Your TMJs Healthy

Whether you aren’t sure what you’re doing wrong or you have already made lifestyle changes but you know you need treatment, remember that you should visit us for assistance with improving TMJ health! Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.