Your Super-Yucky Breath: Investigative Questions! 

Ew! Yowzers. That breath of yours is practically on fire and could singe someone’s eyebrows it’s so powerful! However, you cannot seem to figure out why this is going on. The one thing that you are absolutely certain about, though? That you would really like to make it go away just as soon as possible. Dealing with bad breath day in and day out can really take its toll on you emotionally (and can certainly become off-putting to those around you). Consider our Conroe, TX team’s investigative questions that you can ask yourself, so you can begin figuring out the mystery. When all else fails: Come in for a checkup ASAP!

When Was My Last Cleaning And Checkup?

Dealing with some seriously impossible breath? It might be time to ask yourself when you last visited our practice for your checkup and cleaning. This is the type of thing that patients frequently overlook because they assume that their own dental hygiene at home is going to be good enough. However, remember that even if you are doing a very good job with your brushing and your flossing, everyone misses a bit of plaque here and there, which turns to tartar. Over time, the accumulation of this substance can smell. Or, problems that it is causing may smell! See us to address the issue.

Have I Been Really Doing My Best?

We want you to ask yourself, as well, whether your dental hygiene really is on track at home. Whether or not you’re serious about your dental checkups and cleanings, one thing is for sure: You absolutely must brush and floss correctly to remove plaque on a daily basis (and little bits of food, too), so you can avoid a long list of oral health problems, including bad breath. Remember: We cannot simply do the work for you during cleanings. You need thorough plaque removal every day for a smile that looks, feels, and even smells good!

Wasn’t There A Restorative Treatment I Needed?

Ask yourself, too: Was there a restorative treatment we suggested? Perhaps you’re experiencing a problem like a toothache that leads you to believe this is the case. If so, don’t overlook the fact that tooth decay, infections, and more produce foul odors due to decaying tissue and bacterial buildup. When you treat such issues with the treatments we offer, you fix the damage, you stop the disease, you get good breath back, and your oral health becomes safe again.

Make Bad Breath Fresh Again With Us!

Come in to see our team for the help that you need when bad breath is taking over your daily experience! Schedule a checkup as soon as you can, so we can offer answers and guide you back to a friendly-smelling smile. Come in for a visit in Conroe, TX by scheduling a visit with the Dental Centre of Conroe by calling (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and the neighboring communities.