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The Facts About Fluoride

If you’ve read any do-it-yourself health blogs recently, you might think of fluoride as a scary chemical that dentists and the government have been working together to push onto an unsuspecting society. However, there are great reasons that dentists still recommend and use fluoride with their patients during cleanings. In today’s blog, your Conroe, TX,… Read more »

Fluoride and Dental Health

Fluoride is an important mineral that can help to strengthen teeth and prevent decay. It is found in many foods, and over 75% of the country’s municipal water supplies have added fluoride. However, many activist groups claim that fluoride is a health menace, leading to many serious systemic problems. Before you panic about your tap… Read more »

Get to Know your Toothpaste Better

What is the most essential item of your oral hygiene kit? The truth is, not one single product would be as effective without the others. Floss gets the trapped debris from between your teeth which your toothbrush can’t reach. Toothbrushes scrub and scour germs, particles, and plaque from all you’re your teeth’s surfaces. And then,… Read more »