Important Things to Know About Tooth Loss

One of the most important things about tooth loss that everyone should know is the fact that, in most cases, it’s highly preventable. Tooth loss typically occurs from the progression of other underlying dental health issues, such as gum disease, and avoiding or treating these issues can help you prevent losing one or more teeth to them. However, there’s a lot more to know about tooth loss than the fact that it’s preventable, and if it does occur, it’s important to know as much as you can about to mitigate its impact on your oral health.

Why you lost one or more teeth

The fact that tooth loss is often caused by different conditions makes it important to know specifically why you’ve experienced tooth loss. To fully recover from it, you not only have to replace your lost tooth or teeth, but also address whatever led to you losing them in the first place. In some cases, the cause of tooth loss can be obvious, though the extent of it and the best method of addressing it can differ for everyone. Yet, for many people, successfully treating it and stopping it from causing more harm to their smiles may be necessary before replacing the lost tooth or teeth.

Why you shouldn’t ignore the loss

The thing about tooth loss is that it isn’t an isolated incident. The tooth may have been lost due to complications with its own structure rather than gum disease, but once it’s loss can impact your gum tissues, periodontal ligaments, and jawbone structure that supported the tooth. For example, losing a tooth root can make your jawbone gradually weaker due to the loss of stimulation within its structure. The longer you wait to replace the tooth and its root, the more extensive these effects can become.

Why you should replace them with dental implants

Replacing lost teeth as soon as possible is important in stopping the consequences that could occur form the loss. That’s especially true with replacing the lost roots of your teeth, which are something only dental implants can accomplish. Dental implant posts are made to mimic healthy teeth roots, and they can replace the functions of your lost roots once they’ve been placed within your jawbone structure. In addition to offering more lifelike support for your dental prosthesis, this also reestablishes stimulation to help stop the loss of your jawbone structure.

Learn more important things about tooth loss

Tooth loss isn’t something everyone has to worry about. Yet, if you do, then the more you know about it, the better prepared you’ll be to handle it. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling the Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX, today at (936) 441-4600. We serve patients from Conroe and all neighboring communities.