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Why Do I Want A Conservative Dentist?

When you hear that a particular dentist makes conservative dental care decisions, you may wonder what this is all about. Is this something that will benefit your oral health in the long run? Or, should you be seeking out a radical dentist who takes huge risks when it comes to keeping your mouth and smile… Read more »

3 Reasons You Hate Caring For Your Smile

Are you completely certain that caring for your smile with preventive and restorative care is essential – but you are still having a hard time feeling motivated? Do you notice that even if you try to give yourself a pep talk, you end up dreading the idea of brushing and flossing your teeth and scheduling… Read more »

Extractions: 3 Reasons To Stop Worrying

Are you trying to figure out how to feel optimistic about your dental extraction but all you can do is worry? For the most part, once we explain the benefits and reasons behind tooth removal to our patients, they feel much more at ease and confident about the choice to protect their dental health. Before you… Read more »

Common Rumors About Restorative Care

Have you heard rumors about restorative care that have almost scared you away from scheduling a visit with us? Perhaps you don’t mind the visit but feel unsure about the restoration in your smile. First, recognize that restorative dentistry is extremely important because it allows us to manage problems, so your smile remains healthy. Next,… Read more »

3 Reasons To Smile About Fillings

Are you frowning because we suggested a dental filling as a repair for your smile? If so, turn that frown upside down – fillings are truly something to smile about. Don’t believe us? We would like to share some simple, helpful reasons you should feel happy about receiving a filling, so you can pat yourself… Read more »

Restorative Resolutions For 2016

As you may know, restorative care allows us to fix your oral structures when something does not go according to plan. For instance, if you break a tooth, we can fix it. If you suffer from tooth decay, we can restore your oral health. This means that we will guide you back to optimal oral… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Extraction: FAQs

Have you ever given much thought to your wisdom teeth (or to those of your children)? Let’s start with a quick introduction: We refer to these teeth with the term “wisdom” because they appear during your late teens or early twenties, when you are much wiser. They are also called “third molars” because they are… Read more »

Quiz: Are You A Root Canal Therapy Whiz?

Do you consider yourself someone who knows all about the details associated with root canal therapy? Or, do you think perhaps you are a bit of a novice since you know just a little bit about this restorative treatment? We always suggest getting to know more about dental services, so you know just what to expect –… Read more »

Complications Of Tooth Loss

We often find that patients become conflicted when they suffer from tooth loss. They know that they would prefer to enjoy a mouth full of teeth but they commonly begin to wonder whether replacing teeth is worth the effort or the investment, or if there’s anything wrong with an open space or two. Some even… Read more »