Free Photography Classes at the Conroe Art League Gallery

The New Year is a great time to try new activities. It’s also a time to get better at an activity you already love. Whether you are a budding amateur or a seasoned professional, let 2015 be a year to improve your photography skills. On the second Tuesday of each month, you can take a free photography class at the Photography Learning Center, located in the Conroe Art League Gallery. The gallery is located at 127 Simonton. The class runs from 2:30 to 6 pm, though you could just stop in to ask a question. Reservations are not required. Call Ed Gorman at (936)443-3487 for more information. The next class is Tuesday, January 13. (more…)

Improve Your Diet to Improve Your Dental Health

This time of year, there is a huge emphasis on healthy eating. Take a trip to any grocery store, and you will see shelves of low fat, high protein products, designed to help those with a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. However, while we certainly applaud healthy weight loss goals, this year make your dental health one of your top priorities. Just as certain foods can harm or benefit your overall physical heath, others can boost or damage your smile. With just a few changes, you can improve your oral wellness in 2015. (more…)

Rejuvenate Your Smile with Dental Bonding

smilepinkbackgroundEven the tiniest imperfection can make you feel like your otherwise lovely smile is too embarrassing to show off. While you are likely the only one who notices, we empathize with your feelings and offer dental bonding to improve minor flaws. Whether you feel unhappy with a too-short tooth or problems like minor cracks, this cosmetic treatment will quickly transform the way you feel about your smile. Learn a bit more about this treatment for a clearer understanding of how it may help you.


Reshape Your Smile with Dental Contouring

smilebrunettesweaterYou may worry that the shape or texture of your tooth is one aspect of your appearance that you simply need to accept. Fortunately, with the use of dental contouring, you may reshape the look of your smile. Whether you dislike the length or shape of your teeth, or if you feel concerned about isolated aesthetic problems, this comfortable, efficient cosmetic treatment is here to help. Learn more to find out whether contouring may work for you.


Emergency Dentistry: Care At A Moment’s Notice

firstaidtoothOh no! You’re chewing on something hard and suddenly your tooth breaks. Or, you are enjoying your day and your tooth begins to hurt so much that you find yourself unable to participate in your pre-planned activities. Rest assured, we are here to offer emergency dentistry, so you can return to comfort and good oral health when an unexpected trauma occurs.


Simple Brushing Essentials You May Be Overlooking

smiletoothbrushDo you feel confident about your daily brushing? Does your smile look and feel its absolute best? Between your six-month visits with us for a cleaning and checkup, we encourage you to pay close attention to the details that can make or break effective dental care. Brushing your teeth twice a day is essential, but are you truly making the most of your dental hygiene? Consider some important tips to make daily care that much more successful.


Smile! A Healthy Mouth Makes for a Healthy Mind

Healthy minds, healthy mouthsFor someone who is missing one or more teeth, even the most casual social encounter is sufficient to spark self-consciousness and feelings of anxiety. No secrets there. What few people realize, however, is that having teeth that are missing or badly damaged can also have an adverse effect on a person’s quality of life and general sense of well being. In fact, researchers have found that the risk of depression increases significantly in adults who have poor oral health.


How Does a Vegetarian Diet Affect Oral Health?

Oral health for vegetariansConcerns about the harmful effects of cholesterol and fatty foods lead many Americans to turn toward vegetarianism in their efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s true that adopting this kind of diet has proven benefits, but it is also important to understand how a vegetarian diet might impact your oral health. This is true any time you consume a diet that eliminates a major food group, as it can also mean eliminating common sources of essential vitamins and minerals.


Important Information to Share WIth Your Dentist

Dental checkups in Conroe, TXIt’s no secret that carrying on a conversation with your dentist is a daunting task when you have a mouthful of dental instruments and gloved fingers. Totally understandable! That said, there are some things that are very important for us to know when you visit our office, whether for a simple teeth cleaning, something more involved, such as a root canal procedure, or even for cosmetic dental treatments. (more…)

Cavities for Christmas: Healthy Teeth Over the Holidays

Cavities for ChristmasThe holiday season is a time of togetherness and gratitude, but it can be pretty rough on your oral health. Between stress and the ubiquitous holiday dessert platters, your teeth are subjected to an increased risk of developing cavities, as well as threats in the form of periodontal disease and other consequences of poor oral hygiene. We can’t help you pick the perfect gift or make your travel plans, but we can certainly help you keep your smile in good health.