A Mother’s Influence on her Child’s Dental Health

Smiling Mother and KidsMost mothers obviously play a central role in the well-being of their children. They selflessly provide love and care. When it comes to dental care, moms of children play an influential part in determining their child’s oral health for the rest of their lives. Conroe dentist, Dr. John M. Richards, reviews what is already known about this influence.

A Mother’s Many Roles

Several factors shape the role that a maternal figure plays in guiding and reinforcing good dental care (more…)

When is the Best Time to Brush your Teeth?

Brush Teeth Close UpYou probably know that you should brush your teeth twice a day. Dentists are backed up on this advice by the American Dental Association (ADA). While the general oral hygiene challenges people face revolve around not brushing and flossing enough, there are some people who take brushing their teeth to the extreme. In fact, you can brush your teeth too much, and wear tooth enamel down, especially if your timing is off. Conroe dentist, Dr. John M. Richards will explain more about timing your brushing for optimal dental health. (more…)

Can Molecular Manipulation Stop Severe Gum Disease?

ResearchersPeriodontitis is the clinical term for severe gum disease which affects almost 50% of the adult population in America. This gum tissue inflammation, combined with periodontal pockets, can lead to tooth and jawbone density loss. There are many studies that point to periodontitis having a systemic impact on overall health, as well. Conroe dentist, Dr. John M. Richards explains a study focused on halting the development of periodontitis even after it has already begun.

Gingival Inflammation


Lower Cavity Risk with a Halloween Candy Buy Back

Candy in PumpkinsIf your children indulge in too much sugar, they (and you) might pay the hefty price in terms of dental health. We’d like to reverse that equation. How about if a local dentist were to pay your child to give you their excess candy? We are referring Halloween candy buy backs which occur all over the country. Conroe dentist, Dr. John M. Richards, will explain how encouraging children to take control of their dental health by making the choice to earn money for their Halloween candy isn’t just about getting something for themselves – they’ll also be giving something to military troops overseas. (more…)

Understanding Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Pretty Smile LadyA smile makeover is the solution when a patient is in need of multiple cosmetic dental procedures. If you add in the need for restorative treatments so that you have a healthy foundation upon which to implement cosmetic dental work, this is called full-mouth rehabilitation. Conroe dentist, Dr. John M. Richards, will tell you more about full-mouth rehabilitation.

The Dental Hand We’re Dealt


One Dentist for the Entire Family

Smiling FamilySetting your young child up for a lifetime of regular preventive dental care will likely be the equivalent of them holding onto their healthy, natural teeth for all of their years. Kids need to feel comfortable about going to the dentist, so it’s important that you seek out a practice that dedicates itself to meeting the dental needs of children. Conroe dentist, Dr. John M. Richards, can provide comprehensive dentistry to your entire family, young and old.

An Atmosphere that Makes Kids Comfortable


How Can Dental Implants Improve your Life?

Smiling Older CoupleIf you are missing teeth, you may find yourself perusing a pro and con list to decide between traditional bridges and dentures, or the more innovative dental implant technology. The process of discerning the features and benefits versus the financial commitment can be overwhelming. Conroe dentist, Dr. John M. Richards would like to explain to you the details of what a dental implant procedure can offer you.

Dental Implants


Guard yourself from Grinding your Teeth

BruxismStress plays a big part in our lives. Good stress comes in the form of anticipating positive things. Someone might be planning a wedding and feel stressed to the max from all of the details of arranging the ultimate happy occasion. Another person may have a horrible work situation with a boss who seems determined to make their lives miserable. Money, family, relationshiop – there are so many reasons to carry around stress. When you have an overwhelming amount of tension, your nervous system is out of balance and creates physical responses. Conroe dentist, Dr. John M. Richards will speak more on a major dental health issue often caused by stress: bruxism, better known as teeth grinding. (more…)

What are your Gums Made of?

GumsHave you ever given thought to the purpose of your gums? Aesthetically, they frame your smile. Functionally, they protect your teeth from bacteria. Because gum disease is such a prevalent dental health issue, learning about the purpose of your gums might give you an added boost in your desire to care for them properly. Conroe dentist, Dr. John M. Richards, will offer you a lesson on the anatomy of your gum tissue.

Gingival Tissues

Gums line parts of your jawbone to create a seal so that the roots of your teeth will not be exposed. (more…)

Modern Advances Make for Better Cosmetic Dental Options

Smile CoupleDo you look forward to going to the dentist, or do you dread it? If you have been to see Conroe dentist, Dr. John M. Richards, you have probably discovered the great news – a dental visit can be a most pleasant experience in the modern age. If you are seeking smile improvement through cosmetic dentistry options, it all starts with a consultation. Once you are cleared of gum disease, cavities, and other dental issues, you can consider which cosmetic procedures will help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Teeth Whitening